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Slow Play Guidelines

May 20, 2016

Slow Play? - The R&A assesses the causes and offers some solutions!

Those involved in the game of golf may have differing views on what constitutes an acceptable pace of play, but there is no doubt that slow play can detract from the enjoyment of the game for many golfers.

If a golf club or facility has identified that it has issues with pace of play, it is The R&A’s strongly held view that there are solutions available that can improve the situation.

With this in mind, The R&A has produced a Pace of Play Manual that pulls together a wide range of potential solutions. It may be that one single change in procedure does not, of itself, bring about huge change.

All Members and Visitors to Cradoc are urged to read these guidleine so as to maximise everyone's enjoyment on the golf course.

Player Behaviour - http://www.randa.org/Pace-of-Play-Manual/Rules/4-Player-Behaviour/SubRules/1-Introduction

Being aware of your position on the Course - http://www.randa.org/Pace-of-Play-Manual/Rules/4-Player-Behaviour/SubRules/3-Being-Aware-of-Position-on-the-Course

Being Ready to Play - http://www.randa.org/Pace-of-Play-Manual/Rules/4-Player-Behaviour/SubRules/5-Being-Ready-to-Play

Have you been told you are a slow player? http://www.randa.org/Pace-of-Play-Manual/Rules/4-Player-Behaviour/SubRules/9-Have-you-been-told-you-are-a-Slow-Player

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