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September 3, 2016

Low handicappers dodge the showers to edge out the rest of the field in the 666 competition

Mens 666 Competition - Stableford

Sunday 28th August

The scoring format for the 666 competition is you choose the best score out of the three players for the first six holes, for the middle six it's the two best scores and for the final six all three scores count; the final six holes are generally where the competition is won or lost.

It was a mixed day with the weather offering torrential downpours balanced with periods of sunshine which made the golfers duck and cover when the rain started. The greens occasionally filled with water after the showers but as soon as the rain stopped they drained as quickly as they filled.

The winning score was 10 under par so a very good total for this competition especially given the conditions, the low handicaps of Gareth Powell and the two John’s (Bevan and Drain) giving them the edge over the closing holes from Nick Page, Tony O'Connor and young Tomos Griffin.

Well played everyone

1st - 82 points
Gareth Powell - h’cap 1
John Bevan - h’cap 7
John Drain - h’cap 5

2nd - 81 points
Nick Page - h’cap 15
Tomos Griffin - h’cap 10
Tony O’Connor - h’cap 22

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